Max Cameo Tattoo Portfolio

Max Cameo, born and living in germany is an internationally known specialist in black and gray tattoos. He has traveled to Southern California a lot to experience what the essence of this style is really about, and earned respect in the tattoo community over there. As a member of Unauthorized Ink he works much alongside artists in this collective.
Being on the road and running his own studio in Altena, Germany he has already gained celebrity clientele and tattooed a lot of people in sports and entertainment industry. From professional german soccer players to international rapstars such as DMX.
Still Max considers himself as a street tattooer, knowing that this art was built on the streets and in prison. If you get a chance to have a tattoo-session with him you will not just be satisfied tattoowise but also have a good time with a communicative artist that makes your tattoo a piece that you carry with pride thru a lifetime.

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